Iain McDowall
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Killing For England


Darren McGee. A young black man, fished out the river on

New Year’s Day. A routine police inquiry leads to a routine

inquest and a routine verdict: suicide by drowning.


But now Darren’s cousin, Paul Shaw, is in town. A top-notch

investigative journalist convinced that Darren was really the

victim of a racist killing.


When Shaw turns up as dead and as terminally-wet as his

cousin, Inspector Jacobson and his team are faced with a

baffling double-murder to investigate. And a dangerous

confrontation lies ahead with the murky world of the Far




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The Evil Thereof

Inspector Jacobson's most disturbing case ever. A case that might also be his last ...

"Riveting ... highly recommended."




Envy The Dead

A miscarriage of justice turns deadly ...

"Dark and extraordinary ... read it and savour every word."




Iain McDowall

"McDowall puts his work at the cutting-edge of the genre."

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