Iain McDowall
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Envy The Dead


The 1980s. The Falklands War. The Miners' Strike. Cruise Missiles. Anti-Nuclear Protests. And in the thick of it all, beautiful

Claire Oldham, the revolution's poster girl - until the day she turns

up brutally murdered. A young, troubled drifter, Martin Grove, is

swiftly prosecuted and jailed for the crime.


Fast forward twenty years: Martin Grove walks free, cleared by

advances in forensic science, seemingly the victim of a miscarriage

of justice.


Fast forward a few more years: Martin Grove is shot dead in his

reclusive home, 'executed' at close range.


DCI Jacobson and his team are on the case. But which case? And

do the answers lie in the dangerous past or in the terrifying present?



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The Evil Thereof

Inspector Jacobson's most disturbing case ever. A case that might also be his last ...

"Riveting ... highly recommended."




Envy The Dead

A miscarriage of justice turns deadly ...

"Dark and extraordinary ... read it and savour every word."




Iain McDowall

"McDowall puts his work at the cutting-edge of the genre."

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